Pension News
  1. LCP found that FTSE 100 companies paid £90bn to shareholders and just £13bn to pension funds in 2018
  2. NBIM, Brunel Pension Partnership and Canadian pension funds among 15 new members of advisory group
  3. A plan worth CHF4.4bn will take the Swiss canton’s public pension scheme to a funding level of 75%, but without a DB to DC shift
  4. Proposal, which was linked to corporate tax reform, foresees an extra CHF2bn (€1.8bn) annually for state pension plan from 2020
  5. Former CEO of fixed income at M&G Prudential to join USS in October
  6. UK company annual reports are starting to reflect less pessimistic estimates of the cost of October’s court ruling
  7. KPA Pension’s Britta Burreau presses social affairs minister to address issue as data shows women’s pensions only 67% of men’s
  8. The multi-sector scheme has made changes to its investment strategy after incurring its first annual investment loss since 2008
  9. The higher education staff union says a proposed new contribution schedule for the £64bn scheme is not sufficient to break the negotiating deadlock
  10. Longevity swap contracts could be ‘out of the money’ given major shifts in data on life expectancy, warns accountancy group
  11. Dedicated allocation is to replace PME’s 1.6% alternatives portfolio, comprising forestry and infrastructure
  12. At pension association aba’s annual conference in Bonn, politicians appear impatient for improved workplace pensions coverage
  13. An asset owner project launched by the IIGCC aims to develop a common understanding and support implementation of the landmark agreement’s aims
  14. Some entities will not be eligible to offer PEPP products in Bulgaria, which looks like a recipe for market confusion
  15. A recent ruling by the UK Tax Tribunal decided that the imposition of UK income tax on the property income of a German pension scheme was unlawful under EU law