Pension News
  1. Employers have been urged to monitor the performance of their pension plans more closely given big differences between fund outcomes 
  2. Unusual judgement could increase insurer appetite for pension buy-ins or buyouts, says expert
  3. Analysis from longevity experts at Club Vita indicates that longevity improvements could be on the rise again – which means DB scheme costs could increase
  4. Fund for companies in the Veneto region said it was ready to make the move based on its experience so far in private markets 
  5. PMA reduces equities allocation from 50% to 40% in favour of fixed income, lifts interest rate hedging to 40% 
  6. TPT Retirement Solutions has consolidated a ‘wide variety’ of schemes in the past year
  7. Pension funds’ coverage ratio declined by four percentage points in the first week of August
  8. Plus: LGPS Central to use KAS Bank for cost transparency work
  9. Deal with Rothesay Life is pension scheme’s second buy-in in 10 years as insurers process busy pipeline of de-risking transactions
  10. Simon Dingemans is set to chair the Financial Reporting Council and its successor body – but politicians have expressed ‘frustration and dissatisfaction’ at the process
  11. The IASB sought to address complaints that pensions accounting rules ‘often do not meet the primary objectives’ of accountants and analysts
  12. Deal with Prudential Financial is the second-largest longevity swap completed by a UK pension plan after the BT Pension Scheme’s £16bn deal in 2014
  13. Scheme advisory board wants to make sure legal framework for LGPS does not lag that for other pension schemes
  14. Personnel will be compensated for the negative effects of a change that will bring an end to one of the Netherlands’ last open final salary pension funds
  15. Employers backing the UK’s largest pension scheme agree to measures supporting lower contribution rates, including a moratorium on exits