Pension News
  1. New rules coming into effect in August will expand investment foundations’ opportunities, including higher equity allocations and access to alternative assets
  2. Large majority of conference attendees expect that a deadline of December 2020 for fleshing out this month’s pensions agreement will not be met
  3. Withdrawal from multi-employer scheme for the higher education sector will cost 2% of Trinity College’s assets; USS plays down impact on funding and covenant
  4. Academic research shows economic impact of VBV Group’s investment activities; Survey shows dwindling faith in Austrian first pillar system
  5. Plus: FRC maps out its plan to transition to the Audit, Reporting and Governance Authority; Change to accounting rules for multi-employer pension schemes
  6. Compensation for 16,000 workers could cost the Dutch civil service pension scheme up to €1bn
  7. Also: Investors back carbon pricing accord at Vatican summit; CDP leads calls for better environmental reporting at 700 companies
  8. The country’s largest auto-enrolment provider says the tobacco industry does not appear viable in the long term, and it will exit £40m of investments
  9. Engineering company transfers Austrian pension plan to local provider after regulations prevent consolidation within German Pensionsfonds vehicle
  10. UK pension fund association hopes schemes and companies working together will improve workforce disclosure and governance standards
  11. Invesco survey finds ‘ESG’ term unpopular among DC scheme members, with most preferring either ‘responsible investment’ or ‘ethical investment’  
  12. New regulations to implement SRD II require schemes to set out policy on asset manager contracts and agreements 
  13. The £269bn public pension group has been challenging accounting standards for years and took the issue up again at a hearing into Ireland’s banking collapse
  14. Danica CEO says deal with insurance firm will give unique digital development opportunities
  15. Trustee to offload £4.1bn of pension liabilities covering 33,000 pensioners to Legal & General, and transfer £4.6bn of assets