Pension News
  1. Investor association Af2i sets out views on unified French pension system after reform law passed
  2. CPEG is anxious about a May referendum that could pave the way for much-needed financing
  3. Hymans Robertson has put four options for structural reform to LGPS staff and stakeholders
  4. German reinsurer closes old plans, sets up new pension provision with guarantees below 100%
  5. New cross-border product will open up markets for managers and pension providers, rating agency says
  6. Chair of Wacker Chemie Pensionskasse argues that regulatory intervention was ‘beneficial shock’ for some organisations
  7. As minimum contributions rise from 5% to 8% of salary, fresh data reveals the transformative nature of auto-enrolment in the UK
  8. Employees respond positively as Henkel offers one-off payment to reduce DB liabilities
  9. AFM warns its current remit is limited and wants to make sure customers are protected
  10. Study into effects of an economic downturn on pensions is the first of its kind
  11. Plus: Hybrid pension plan accounting; Politicians call for break up of ‘big four’; FRC publishes draft plan and budget
  12. Members’ interests “sufficiently safeguarded” in takeover, says supervisor
  13. Zenith III is managed by Octopus Ventures and focuses on later stage funding
  14. Talks with regulator still going on, but executives hopeful of approval ‘before summer’ 
  15. Pension fund lost 0.8% last year and funding did not improve