Pension News
  1. Take-up of the collective DC-style option has been keenly awaited  
  2. Full scheme buy-in expected to be followed by a buy-out
  3. Church pension fund says ‘momentum of support sends undisputed signal’
  4. Coverage ratios improved a bit in Septmeber, but not enough 
  5. Women and self-employed in particular need more flexibility
  6. Industry group wants schemes representing 90% of active savers to adopt standards by 2025
  7. Business model of Denmark’s statutory pension fund ‘under pressure’, say CBS academics
  8. Plus: Consultancy Alpha FMC launches dedicated pensions and retail investments practice, AXA IM’s CEO stepping down
  9. Watchdog says auditors face ‘significantly stronger requirements’ 
  10. Robeco mandate ‘combines the various ESG facets’
  11. Thinking Ahead Institute: DC system needs to evolve towards ‘version 3.0’ 
  12. Coverage ratio down by four percentage points in third quarter, consultancy reports [updated]
  13. Liquidity requirements could increase for some pension funds, according to Credit Suisse economists 
  14. Intention set out in letter to parliament about roadmap for further elaboration of the pension agreement 
  15. The initial investment comes from two of the nine local authority pension funds in the asset pooling vehicle