Pension News
  1. Deal brings total liabilities insured to £1.7bn following transactions in 2017 
  2. Experts have proposed a possible compromise to bring in auto-enrolment for pension funds, reports Barbara Ottawa
  3. Sale of UK subsidiary comes as Denmark’s biggest pension fund looks set to get even bigger
  4. UK and international rules on distributable reserves have ‘inconsistencies’, accountancy body admits, reigniting long-running debate
  5. Compenswiss feels ‘forced’ to increase monthly divestment to meet pension payments 
  6. Anglo-Dutch consultant and fiduciary manager to acquire UK’s third largest DC master trust
  7. Also: Private credit specialist targets Benelux expansion
  8. Council position puts brake on governance and funding changes proposed by European Commission 
  9. DWP proposes illiquids allocation reporting and consolidation review duties, plus charge cap calculation addition
  10. Parliamentary commission says pension providers cannot alter benefit payments to ease funding pressure
  11. Social affairs minister Wouter Koolmees to re-assess increasing the retirement age for state pension
  12. Investment consultant group relays stronger interest among its institutional investor clients 
  13. Also: FRC reports on current and future use of artificial intelligence in accounting and corporate reporting
  14. A growing number of countries are planning to reduce the strain placed on public finances of providing pensions to ever more retirees by encouraging individuals to make more adequate provision for their own retirement
  15. European pension fund lobby group calls new capital requirements “disproportionate”